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Rapid Voice Cloning for Speech-to-Speech Voice Morphing

Altered Studio’s Rapid Voice Cloning is now available to all of our customers. You can now recreate someone's voice with just a few seconds of audio.

31 March 2023

Product Updates

Audio and Text editing inside Videos

Available on all our plans: the ability to import a video and directly edit the audio stream and generate and export its transcription.

28 March 2023

Product Updates

Introducing the new Transcription Editor for Podcasts and long voice recordings

Altered Studio has undergone a major redesign that made the Transcription Editorintuitive and user-friendly

23 February 2023


5 Tips for Creating Great Source Audio for Voice-Morphing in Altered Studio

To get the high quality, realistic sounding voice morphing within Altered Studio for your audio projects, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

08 December 2022

Product Updates

TTS Speaking Styles, Cross-lingual Voice Morphing, API Access, On Premise Servers, Pricing & Licenses

Altered Studio empowers voice-over creators with Voice-AI. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of Speech Synthesis, aiming to commoditize technologies that

03 November 2022


Gavin Shepherd Praises Altered Quality

"Dialogue AI is just amazing, companies like Altered.AI are doing really interesting work that will have a big impact in game development. " Continue reading he

26 January 2022


Bossa Presents uses Altered Studio to voice the 'protohype' video trailer for concept game "Reclaimed"

Turning our informative scratch VO into professional-sounding performances for both narration and character dialogue.

21 December 2021


Neon Giant teams up with Altered for voice in action RPG game The Ascent

The Ascent is the first game to use Altered’s Speech-to-Speech augmented voice technology. All the side missions that were previously subtitled will now have vo

16 December 2021


Our Ethics Code

At Altered, we have a mission to empower and democratize voice content creation. We have codified our commitment to an ethical use of our technologies into a se

23 February 2021

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