Crystal Clean your voice recordings

Altered Studio, using the latest advancement in audio processing and artificial intelligence, effortlessly removes background noise, voice fillers, mouth artifacts, and optimizes the dialogue pacing of your audio recordings.

A waveform from which background noise is identified and removed

Remove Background Noise

AI Denoiser accurately identifies and removes noise, reverb, music and any artifact that is not a voice from the background of your recordings and podcasts.

A man speaking to a microphone where his filler sounds and stuttering are identified and removed by altered studio voice ai cleaner

Eliminate Fillers

AI Voice Cleaner removes voice filler sounds such as "um's" and "ah's". The resulting voice recordings will sound seamless, ensuring a natural and smooth listening experience for your audience.

variouse mouths that create mouth sounds that can be removed by altered voice cleaner

Remove Mouth Artifacts

Mouth clicking, lip-smacking, and other mouth artifacts can reduce the quality of your audio recordings. AI Voice Cleaner detects and removes them from your audio.

a wave before and after altered studio identified and removed long periods of silences to improve dialogue pacing

Optimize Silences

Long periods of silence, known as dead air, can hinder the pacing and engagement of your audio content. AI Voice Cleaner accurately detects and cuts those silences, optimizing dialogue pacing and ensuring a dynamic and captivating and engaging listening experience.

Sound like a Professional

Unlock the power of Altered Studio today. Clean your audio and voice recordings effortlessly with our one-click AI Cleaner. Regardless of your recording environment, Altered AI Voice Cleaner guarantees professional, noise-free audio while refining voice pacing.
A man speaking to a microphone using AI Voice Cleaning technology to improve his recording

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