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Our unique technology allows you to change your voice to any of our carefully curated portfolio or custom voices and create compelling professional voice performances.
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Voice Portfolio

Features a carefully curated voice portfolio. These voices can be driven by anyone to create single or multi-character performances.

Fast & Flexible

Reduces costs and friction typically associated with voice-over prototyping & production.


Renders synthetic speech that is indistinguishable from real, using our unique speech-to-speech, performance-to-performance technology.

Quality that can be heard

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How it works

Work anywhere

Record anywhere or import your performance. No need to worry about having a professional recording environment. Our technology deals with that.


Select a cast that suits your vision using our carefully curated portfolio of desirable voices. They have been produced to the highest standards in collaboration with our award-winning partners.


Our unique technology uses your performance to create new content with your chosen cast. Work quickly using previews and presets.

Batch process

Easy and familiar process to transform large volumes of voice files.

See how powerful it is

Altered Studio offers an easy and immediate interface
to unleash your creativity.

Enhanced voice performances
for any creative


Video Games

From prototyping to full production, our tools and technology can be used to unleash creativity, save time and reduce costs.

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Voice Applications

Tailor your voice application to respond exactly as you like. Convey the right context, affect and intent in your voice prompts without compromise.

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Voice Insurance

Preserve your voice against aging and misfortune using our exclusive services and premium technology.

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Brand Voices

Give your brand an everlasting custom voice without the issues of text-to-speech.

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