Voice Changer
for Real-Time Communication

Create your new vocal identity with our exclusive Hollywood-grade Voice Morphing technology featuring the lowest latency in the market and built-in Noise Reduction.

A man with headphones using Altered Studio Real-Time Voice Changer

No More Lag

Our technology boasts the lowest latency in the market, allowing you to transform your voice seamlessly and without lag. Enjoy a truly immersive experience without the risk of double-talking.

A group of young people together with headphones enjoying the percs of realtime ai voice changer

Use it Everywhere

Our AI Voice Changer functions as a Virtual Microphone that can be utilized by any Windows application or game. Entertain your friends and colleagues on video conferencing platforms such as Discord, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, as well as in video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Among Us, League of Legends, and many others.

A young man listening to his digital twin voice created in realtime with ai voice changer software altered studio

Adopt a new Voice

Redefine your vocal identity and explore new dimensions of self-expression. With our cutting-edge AI voice changer technology, you can effortlessly experiment with gender, crafting captivating personas.

A van filled with a voice recording studio

Reduce Noise

Our technology is also equipped with real-time Noise Reduction , ensuring that you sound crisp and clear, wherever you are.

Accent Conversion for Call-Centers

Satisfying customers across the globe is not easy. Our specialized Real-Time Call-Center models can help you establish the right Tone of Voice for your clients.

Standardize the Identity, the Accent, and even the Emotion of your agent's voice, leading to advanced Voice Branding experiences and higher customer satisfaction rates.
A woman with an headset to use Real-Time AI Voice Changer software in a call center
Switch speaking style with Altered Studio Real-Time Voice changer

Change Speaking Style

Add an extra fun dimension to your Gaming experience by changing your Speaking Style. You may let your avatar consistently Shout, Whisper or Narrate to entertain your audience.

A lady at a call center using Altered accent conversion

Break Accent Barriers

If how you sound is critical to your trade, use our Call-Centre Accent Conversion technology to build stronger rapport and trust with clients from various regions.

A young woman with an hidden online version of herself with altered realtime voice changed

Protect Yourself

Enjoy online gaming without unwarranted attention. Our Real-Time Voice Changer allows women and teens to shield themselves from targeted harassment based on perceived gender or age.

Media Production vs Real Time Voice Morphing

Media Production Voice Morphing emphasizes flexibility and quality, while Real-Time Voice Morphing prioritizes speed and low latency.
Media Production Voice Morphing requires high-end GPUs to achieve recording-quality output. It is geared towards creativity and allows for meticulous refinements after the recording to ensure audio precision.
Real Time Voice Morphing uses only 1-4 CPU cores to facilitate instantaneous voice transformations. It is especially suited for live scenarios, such as gaming or streaming.

How does it work?

  • Altered Studio realtime voice changer UI with an headset

    Start the Engine

    Click the Real-Time button in Altered Studio to switch to the Real-Time page. Start the engine and get ready for morphing.

  • Showing how to use Altered Studio realtime ai voice changer within Discord

    Change Input Mic

    Select "Microphone (Altered Virtual Audio Device)" as the input microphone in the application or game where you want to change your voice.

  • A man working in a call center using Altered real-time voice ai changer to interact with clients

    Choose your Voice

    Return to Altered Studio's Real-Time page. Select your desired Voice and Speaking Style and start speaking.

Discover the highest quality and lowest latency Real-Time Voice Changer in the market.
A woman with a headset to use Real-Time AI Voice Changer software in a call center

How to Use it in

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