Voice Editor for
Web & Desktop

An audio editor with a twist. It is designed to simplify Voice Editing, from everyday edits that just work, to advanced AI Voice Crafting.

It features a comprehensive suite of tools including Voice Morphing, Text-to-Speech, Transcription, Translation, Audio Editing, and beyond, all designed to support creative workflows.

Altered Studio tools for audio and voice editing for performing voice-over

Edit Audio

Our user interface allows you to perform advanced audio editing tasks without being an expert.

Transcribe, Translate and add Voice-Over

Transcribe, Translate your audio files and add Voice-Over with Text-To-Speech. We support a large number of languages via all major Voice AI providers. All in one place, so that you can experiment quickly and even dub your videos or podcasts in multiple languages.

Altered Studio sound effects panels

Perfect your Voice Recordings

Altered Studio Voice Editor is bundled with an ever expanding effect list to modify and perfect your audio.

A man working with a laptop on his latest voiceover

Work online

Work on the move, from everywhere, on any device, instantly from your web-browser.

Google Drive import and export panels

Stay Secure

Safely access, share and work with your audio files directly in Google Drive.

Your online Audio Editor for ‍Voice AI

Altered Studio is a comprehensive voice content creation platform that integrates multiple Voice AI technologies into a single user friendly application. It runs online as well as locally on Windows and Mac using local computing resources.

‍Altered Studio provides exclusive access to our unique Speech-To-Speech, Performance-To-Performance Voice Morphing technology that pushes the boundaries of what can be done with Voice.
A laptop with Altered Studio Voice Changer

Mix easily with
‍Integrated Mixer

Most time spent in audio editing is about getting the mixing right. Existent audio editors treat mixing as an afterthought. Instead, we designed it to be easy and straight-forward.

Altered Studio Voice Editor Integrated Mixer Loudness panel

Stop worrying about loudness

Our Integrated Mixer automatically normalizes loudness after every edit. No need to worry about keeping loudness consistent.

Altered Studio Voice Editor Integrated Mixer panel

Glue sounds seamlessly

We automated cross-fading so that you can simply copy-paste a sound into another without artefacts, like typing in a text editor.

Altered Studio Voice Editor Integrated Mixer panel

Mix it like a Pro

Get most of the functionality of a multi-track audio editor without the complexity and the steep learning curve.

Go back and forth
‍Editable History

Try, fail, repeat, until you get it right. Keep track of every change you made, modify it and see how it plays out. All subsequent changes are automatically repeated for you, so you can iterate without a hassle.

editable history in Altered Studio Voice Editor

Access and export any intermediate result

Use the Locked History Mode to go back in time and revisit any change you made. You can see the settings and export intermediate results without disrupting your workflow. It's like Undo/Redo, but safer.

editable history in Altered Studio Voice Editor

Change your mind

You can unlock the history, go back in time and modify any past edit. All subsequent changes will be automatically recomputed for you.

More features

Google Drive integration

Voice Editor is fully integrated with Google Drive, so you can work anywhere and share easily your files, in all security.

Record natively on the web

Voice Editor can record directly from the browser through the microphone or any other recording device.

Import/Export in various formats

Import and export your files in many different formats, lossless and raw.

Spectral audio analysis

Spectrogram and spectrum visualisation are one click away, for detailed frequency analysis.

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