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Voice Actor Affiliate Program

Amplify Your Voice with Altered AI

Join the Altered AI Voice Actor Affiliate Program and Elevate Your Voice Over Business

Designed exclusively for talented voice actors, our program offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with Altered AI to create your Digital Twin to open up digital voice acting opportunities through our Speech-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech technology. ‍

What is a Digital Twin?

Altered AI offers a Voice Cloning service, which allows you to create a realistic, natural clone of your voice to use with both our Speech-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech technologies. You can add your Digital Twin to our Voice Marketplace to enjoy passive revenue and also license your Voice Clone to your own clients as an additional service.

Benefits of Joining the Voice Actor Affiliate Program:

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Showcase your talent to new clients: collaborate with Altered AI to contribute your voice to our growing marketplace and gain exposure to a wide range of potential clients.
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Monetize your skills: earn passive income by licensing your Digital Twin directly to clients on your own terms.
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Exclusive access to opportunities: be the first to learn about new features, voice acting opportunities, and networking opportunities with other industry professionals hosted by Altered AI.
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Expand your revenue stream with out website widget: you can add a Digital Twin widget to your own website which your clients can directly access, creating an additional revenue stream for your voice acting business.

Join the Voice Actor Affiliate Program now, become part of our innovative community of voice acting professionals and diversify your Voice Over business.

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