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Altered Studio's unique Speech-To-Speech Voice Morphing technology allows you to change your voice to any of our realistic human-like voices and create compelling professional voice performances.

Five young models, showing the variety of voices you can get with Altered Studio Voice Changer

Beyond Words

The Human Voice is more than just words. By leveraging authentic human recordings, we capture the inherent rhythm, tone, and cadence of the original content, ensuring the preservation of its sentiment, expressions, context, intentions, conditions, and subtleties.

A woman listens to the generated ai voice she used for her creative project

Unleash your Creativity

Sound like anyone you want, transcending body and accent limitations. Our platform promotes Rapid Experimentation, unlocking unexplored creative experiences with vocal excellence.

A man working on his production with the help of ai voice changer software altered studio

One-Person Cast

Craft an entire multi-character production by yourself. From whispered secrets to shouted commands, you can seamlessly switch between various characters, creating engaging and immersive performances that captivate your audience.

a grid with people from different countries and cultures that can be reached through multilingual text to speech ai

Multilingual Morphing

Our Timbre Voice Morphing model alters your voice while preserving your natural accent. It's like speaking from someone else's body. The Timbre model works effortlessly across diverse languages, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them for cross-lingual vocalizations.

A stage actor peforming. Sound like a real actor with altered studio ai voices

Sound like an Actor

Our Clone and Speaking Style Voice Morphing models can change your Accent and even your Speaking Style. Use them to infuse gravitas, exude charisma, just like actors do. Add an extra layer of professionalism to your work with the touch of a button.

Media Production vs Real Time Voice Morphing

Media Production Voice Morphing emphasizes flexibility and quality, while Real-Time Voice Morphing prioritizes speed and low latency.
Media Production Voice Morphing requires high-end GPUs to achieve recording-quality output. It is geared towards creativity and allows for meticulous refinements after the recording to ensure audio precision.
Real Time Voice Morphing uses only 1-4 CPU cores to facilitate instantaneous voice transformations. It is especially suited for live scenarios, such as gaming or streaming.
altered studio ai voices library

Cast your Voice

Our collection includes 20 Professional Voices, meticulously curated from some of the industry's finest voice actors. Additionally, we provide an expansive library of over 800 Voices from everyday people, ideal for crafting genuine secondary characters in your projects.

views of altered studio showing its recording noise-free pro-grade studio recordings capabilites

Choose your Model

Altered Studio offers a range of Voice Morphing models tailored to diverse creative goals. Timbre models alter the core sound of the voice, enabling you to emulate speaking through another person's body. Clone models modify both the voice's core and its accent. Speaking Style models delve deeper, adjusting not just the voice, but also the manner in which content is delivered.

altered studio showing how to tailor pitch and set speaking style and intonation of generated ai voices

Tweak your Synthesis

Customize your character by adjusting pitch, Speaking Style, and other characteristics. Whether you're aiming for drama or a lighthearted tone, Altered gives you control. It's your voice, tailored to your preferences.

views of altered studio showing how to shift age and genender of generated ai voices

Shift Age and Gender

Adjust voice characteristics like gender and age. Our technology provides control over the perceived age and gender of the synthetic output. This functionality allows customized voice profiles to be tailored to specific use cases or application requirements.

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