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Introducing Altered AI Voice Cleaner and AI Denoiser

21 June 2023 | 6 min min

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Your new allies against background noise, unwanted mouth noise and dead air.

In audio production and podcasting, background noise, voice fillers, mouth stuttering, and other unwanted sounds can often undermine the quality of an otherwise perfect recording. These artifacts can be frustrating for both content creators and listeners alike, hindering the listening experience for the audience and very challenging to fix in post production.

At Altered, we understand the challenges faced by content creators, and that's why we've added these amazing AI Denoiser and AI Voice Cleaner features into Altered Studio, to simplify tedious processes and deliver exceptional audio.

Designed to enhance the audio quality of recordings, these AI-powered solutions tackle background noise, voice fillers, mouth stuttering, and other unwanted sounds. With their ability to effortlessly detect and remove various audio artifacts, they ensure quick and flawless sound editing for all content creators, from Youtube videos, podcasters, filmmakers, game designers, and sound engineers alike.

Let’s give them a deeper look to see what makes them game-changers.

AI Denoiser: effortlessly remove background noise

Background noise can be a persistent annoyance in audio recordings: traffic, crowd chatter, birds chirping, electrical equipment humming etc can be distracting and detract from the clarity of the recorded audio.

Expensive professional equipment and soundproof environments are often required to ensure a clean recording in the first place. However, once noise finds its way onto the recording, removing it with traditional methods can be extremely time-consuming and challenging. Manual editing is painstaking and may distort the remaining audio.

With Altered Studio's AI Denoiser, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional methods. Our advanced AI algorithms have been trained to accurately identify and remove noise, light reverb, music and any artifact that is not a voice from the background of your recordings, effortlessly transforming them into crystal-clear audio that captivates listeners.

AI Voice Cleaner: remove speech sounds and silences

AI Denoiser is perfect to remove any non-voice background noise from your recording. But when there's a need to remove gaps in the conversation, voice hums, stuttering, filler sounds and other mouth noises, that is when AI Voice Cleaner steps in. It’s an artificial intelligence filter which has been trained to remove voice-generated noise, speech artifacts and long silences.

Eliminate Voice Fillers and Stuttering

We all are guilty of the “um”, “ah’s”, and “uh’s”. But filler sounds can disrupt the flow of speech and diminish the impact of your message. Correcting these voice fillers traditionally involves manually editing each occurrence, which can be a tedious process. Moreover, when working with recordings in multiple languages or with different accents, accurately identifying and removing these fillers becomes even more challenging.

Altered Studio's AI Voice Cleaner eliminates these obstacles. The tool is equipped with advanced AI algorithms that can detect and remove voice fillers seamlessly, ensuring a natural and smooth listening experience for your audience, regardless of language or accent.

Remove Speech Artifacts

Mouth clicking, lip-smacking, and other speech artifacts are common sounds that can mar the quality of audio recordings. Traditionally, content creators struggle to achieve flawless results, as accurately identifying and removing these artifacts requires a keen ear and extensive editing skills.

Now, with Altered Studio's AI Voice Cleaner, you can effortlessly overcome these challenges. The advanced AI technology seamlessly detects and removes unwanted artifacts, ensuring that your recordings maintain their professional quality without sacrificing valuable time and effort.

Optimize Dialogue Pacing and Engagement

Long periods of silence, known as dead air, can hinder the pacing and engagement of your audio content. Traditional methods of managing dead air involve manually identifying and shortening these silences, which can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Ensuring optimal dialogue pacing while keeping listeners engaged can be a daunting task.

However, AI Voice Cleaner simplifies this process. The AI algorithms accurately detect and cut silences, optimizing dialogue pacing and ensuring a dynamic and captivating listening experience for your audience.

Preserving Vocal Takes in Music Production

Another great benefit of Altered Studio's AI Voice Cleaner is its ability to clean up vocal stems. This means vocalists can maintain the authenticity and emotion of a specific take that might otherwise need to be re-recorded due to technical issues like background noise, audio artifacts or an inadequate room. This tool effectively preserves the original vocal performance while enhancing the overall sound quality, saving both time and creative energy in the recording process.

At Altered Studio, we are excited to present AI Audio Cleaner and AI Denoiser, our AI-powered tools that clean audio in post-production. The challenges posed by background noise, voice fillers, artifacts, and dead air are formidable when using traditional non-AI methodologies, which are time-consuming, tedious, and often yield imperfect results. However, now, with these two new tools, you can overcome these challenges effortlessly.

Our advanced AI algorithms effortlessly remove background noise, voice fillers, artifacts, and optimize dialogue pacing, saving you valuable time and delivering professional-grade audio that captivates your audience.

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