A man with headset in order to change his voice in real-time with Altered Studio AI voice changer

Real-Time Voice Changer for
Grand Theft Auto

Explore the gritty streets of Grand Theft Auto, and with Altered Studio's Real-Time AI Voice Changer, customize your character's voice to match your criminal ambitions. Turn your heists into memorable capers and infuse an extra layer of excitement into the world of Los Santos.

How to change
Grand Theft Auto Default Microphone

How to use Real-Time in Grand Theft Auto
With Altered Studio Real-Time Voice Changer running, head to your Grand Theft Auto app:
  1. In the option menu, open the Settings tab.
  2. Select Voice Chat in the settings left menu
  3. From the Output Device dropdown, simply select Altered Virtual Audio Device

Learn how to use it in:

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