Morph Quota Guidance

1. When you generate a morph (Speech-to-Speech) in Altered Studio, you may consume morph quota. The amount of morph quota available to you will depend on your subscription level.

2. Morph quota is consumed whenever a morph is generated for a unique audio signal.

3. Where the same input is processed repeatedly, only the first morph will consume quota, additional morphs of this input will be free. 

4. This principle applies even if voice or settings are changed for each morph, allowing you to experiment with different configurations to find the best combination for your input. 

5. If you make changes to an input after making a morph of it (e.g. increase gain, cut or paste sections, resample etc) then Altered Studio will treat this as a new input and the first morph of this new input file will consume quota . 

6. For this reason it is recommended that you perform any effects and edits on your file before you start synthesis. Similarly it is recommended that the History generally remains locked and you do not make historical changes to morphed inputs.

Image of Altered Studio showing Morph Quota