Adding Audio Effects

1. Altered Studio has a number of effects and edits which allow you to perfect your voice file without using a separate audio editor. 

2. To add a new effect at any time, select the relevant block or section of the waveform or transcription that you wish to apply the effect to. Add the effect via the block controls or, either (i) right click on the waveform and choose Add Effect, or (ii) click on the last layer in the History panel and then click the + Effect button below this layer.

3. Effects will be applied to part or all of the audio file, depending on what selection is made when the effect is added. Where no selection is made the effect will apply to the entire file.

4. When effects are added, the effect title in the Properties panel is hyperlinked to further information and guidance. Click the titles in each effect to learn more about how it works.

5. Effects and edits can be performed at any time, however as noted above it is recommended that these are carried out prior to any Morphs being added, to avoid the need to unlock the History and make antecedent edits.
Refer to Working with the History – Advanced Mode for more information.