Altered Studio for Voice Applications

Tailor your voice application to respond exactly as you like. Convey the right context, affect and intent in your voice prompts without compromise.



User retention in voice applications is challenging, whether you are building an Alexa Skill, a Google Assistant Action or a call center response. The paradigm shift towards voice-first user interfaces brings unique challenges to VUI/VUX designers.

Altered Studio allows you to craft compelling Voice User Experiences with pre-recorded prompts that convey the necessary context, message and intent. Altered Studio empowers VUI designers to prototype, experiment and iterate relentlessly for perfection. Avoid the limitations of text-to-speech or the logistics of involving voice talent.

How it works

Rapid creation

Test your dialogue flows in no time. Quickly create a voice-over unmatched by any text-to-speech system, without having to learn cumbersome markup languages.

Narrator voices

Our voice portfolio features 20 carefully curated, desirable, compelling narrator voices that grab the attention of the audience.

Voice crafting

Craft your dialogue system with deeper and more compelling voice experiences. Scale-up your production as necessary without compromising on the number of script lines or voices.