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Our unique technology allows you to change your voice to any of our carefully curated portfolio or custom voices and create compelling professional voice performances.

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A man sitting on a desk with various views of Altered Studio, morphing with Voice AI, performing text-to-speech and dubbing.

Create a whole Production by yourself

Drive a whole multi-character production by yourself, create engaging performances, from whispered secrets to shouted commands.

A man changing his voice to a wide range of character with Voice AI tool Altered Studio

Sound like an Actor

Change your accent, add gravitas and charisma of professional voices to your performance.

A man transcribing text to different langauges for his voice-over

Transcribe, Translate and add Voice-Over

Transcribe, add Voice-Over with Text-To-Speech and Translate your audio files. We support a large number of languages via all major Voice AI providers. All in one place, so that you can experiment quickly and even dub your videos or podcasts in multiple languages.

A woman on a couch using altered studio to boost her creaticity

Focus on Creativity

Reduce costs and friction typically associated with voice-over prototyping & production. Focus on the experience rather than budgets, logistics and lengthy processes.

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Voice AI features

    What people say about us

    • rev rooms logo

      Rev Rooms

      "I think the biggest changes will be AI and automation of tasks. Dialogue AI is just amazing, companies like Altered.AI are doing really interesting work that will have a big impact in game development. "

      Gavin Shepherd


    • gimlet logo


      "Altered is my new favourite design tool for fiction podcasts. No longer does the world need to hear thirty of me filling out a crowd scene. Now I have a whole cast hanging out with me!"

      Jonathon Roberts

      Audio Production Lead

    • sweetjustice logo

      Sweet Justice

      "Altered is helping push forward the democratisation of game development which is very exciting!"

      Samuel Justice

      Co-founder and Supervising Sound Designer

    • geon giant logo

      Neon Giant

      "New and efficient cutting edge technology solutions and Altered Studio certainly fits into that category!"

      Arcade Berg

      Co-founder and Creative Director

    • embark logo

      Embark Studios

      "Altered Ai has truly changed my entire repertoire in internal communications with creating fast assets to describe intents and so much more."

      Stefan Strandberg

      Chief Creative Officer

    • dps logo

      DPS Games

      "We were literally gobsmacked at how this thing works and you will be too"

      Russell Shaw

      Audio Director

    • Bossa Games

      "Altered has given us an extra tool in our quest for rapid yet high-quality ideation."

      Mike James

      Lead Games Designer

    Clone your Voice

    Create the specific voice you need for your project. It might be the voice of a famous actor, a captivating voice-talent, a friend or a grandparent. It might be your voice at a younger age, even as a child.

    A pattern made with clones of a microphone

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A man with a microphone headset using a real-time AI voice changer
    Real-time, low latency professional voice changer is coming for Business users.
    A woman with headphones listening to a voice changed in real-time with AI
    All the AI features of Altered Studio

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