Using the Voice Library

1. The Voice Library allows you to see voices that are available to use within Altered Studio, and can be accessed via the Library button (books icon) on the lower left side of Altered Studio.

2. The Library screen is also displayed when selecting a voice to perform synthesis for Morphing or Text-to-Speech, as described in the relevant sections below.

3. The Morph Voices tab contains up to 20 Professional and 800+ Common Voices, each with different models such as Timbre, Performance etc. The models available to you may vary, depending on your subscription plan. 

4. Any Custom voices you create in Altered Studio will be also shown here, refer to Using Rapid Cloning to Create Custom Voices for instructions on creating a custom voice

5. Each voice has descriptors for the Gender, Age and Accent to help you choose the most appropriate voices for your project.

6. Each voice has a ⭐ button to save it as a favourite for easy filtering, and a 🏷 button where you can add tags for quick reference in the future.

7. The Filters pane on the right side allows you to filter by voice type, gender, tags etc. If you are looking to match  particular vocal characteristics you can also search for a similar Common voice by uploading a sample file in the the Order by Similarity filter

8. The Text-To-Speech Voices tab contains the Altered and Cloud TTS voices that are available. You can filter this tab by voice provider as well as voices with Speaking Styles.

9. All voices have one or more ▶ buttons that allow you to listen to samples of the voice. Note the Speech-to-Speech voices use samples generated with TTS, and because the Morphing effect takes characteristics of  the input voice, your final output may sound slightly different from these TTS examples.