Using the Voice Library

1.  The Voice Library allows you to choose which voices are available to use within Altered Studio, and can be accessed via the Library button (books icon) on the lower left side of Altered Studio.

2.  The Voice Library contains 20 different voices, each with different models such as Narration, Performance etc. The models available to you may vary, depending on your subscription level.

3.  Each voice has descriptors for the Gender, Age and Tone to help you choose the most appropriate voices for your project.

4.  You can choose to install individual voices using the Install All Models button on individual voice cards, or alternatively choose Install All Voices from the top of the Library panel to install all available voices and models. If all voices and models are installed the download will be approximately 3GB, so it may take some time.

5.  Once installed the voices will be available to select in the Morph properties panel for any open audio files.

6.  Each voice also has a  (Star icon)  button to save it as a favourite for easy filtering, and a  (Tag icon)   button where you can add tags for quick reference in the future.

7.  If you are using the Local Server for processing and want to use the transcription feature, you can install the data files for this at the bottom of the Library panel. If you do not do this then they will be installed automatically when you run your first transcription.