Advanced History Modifications

1.  This is an advanced feature and we do not recommend this is activated by inexperienced users as it may require synthesis to be reprocessed consuming additional quota.

2.  By unlocking the History ( Lock icon) you can make changes to previous edits and effects. Changes can have an impact on subsequent layers which may consume morph quota.

3.  Where changes will have an impact on subsequent layers you will be prompted to recompute those layers.

4.  Where the recompute is required for a morph layer, Altered Studio will only recompute the active morph sample. The others will be marked as deprecated and can be manually recomputed by clicking retake sample ( Retake Sample icon). If the audio input has changed for a morph layer (e.g. an effect is added or an edit has been made), then quota will be consumed for recomputing the layer.

Image of Altered Studio showing Advanced History Modifications