Working with Batch Mode

1.  Batch Mode allows you to morph audio files into multiple presets in bulk. This could be one file to multiple voices, or multiple files to a single voice.

2.  Availability and capacity of Batch Mode may vary, depending on your subscription level.

3.  Audio files can be added to Batch Mode by dragging from desktop onto the Batch Mode screen. These can be either individual files or folders containing multiple files.

4.  To add a file that has been recorded using Altered Studio, first export the file to disk as wav and then drop it into Batch Mode.

5.  Select the Workspace Folder which you want the batch files to be saved to.

6.  Load your Presets from the Shared Settings menu on the right, choose the Number of Takes required for those presets, and select Add Batch. Repeat this process for each Preset Voice in the Shared Settings save file.

7.  Note, only one Take is required, however because there is some flexibility in the way Altered Studio synthesises performance there can be small differences between different Takes. Some users will generate multiple Takes and then ‘audition’ these to choose their preferred Take to use.

8.  If you have multiple Shared Settings files to load you should repeat the process above for each Shared Settings file. This way you could have 2 takes of one preset, 3 takes of another preset etc.

9.  You can delete a preset by hovering the preset name and clicking X. To remove a voice entirely, click the (+) and deselect the voice in the Voices screen.

10.  In addition to using presets, you can add and configure voices directly in the Batch Mode screen. Refer to Using Voice Settings above for instructions.

11.  When you are satisfied with the batch configuration, click Start Processing to begin the batch.

12.  Once the batch is complete you can listen to the output samples by pressing the (Play Button icon) button to the left of each sample.

13.  To remove all files from your batch, choose Clear Inputs from the bar above the batch files.

14. To delete all previously generated morphs for this batch from the disk, choose Delete Outputs. Note this command will delete the wav files from your disk and cannot be undone

15.  Files created in Batch Mode are written to the Workspace Folder selected above when they are generated. In addition you can select one Take from each Input to Export to disk (right-click / Mark for export), this option also allows you to retain the folder structure for the Input files when exporting.

16.  Note for Mac Users - if Itunes/Apple Music is used for playback you may find all Batch Mode output files sound the same. This is due to all output files retaining the name of the input file. To avoid this either disable the Itunes/Apple Music setting“Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library”, or play the files in a different media player.

Image of Altered Studio showing Batch Mode