Editing the Waveform

1.  The right-click menu contains options to edit the waveform. Those not already covered above are described below. The options available may change depending if a selection is made or not.

2.  Cut will remove the selected section of the waveform and shorten the audio file.

3.  Copy will copy the selected section of the waveform to the Clipboard. for future use in the same session (refer to Working with the Clipboard).

4.  Paste will paste copied audio into the audio file (audio must be copied from with Altered Studio and not from another source). The Mix effects panel (described above) will be displayed on the Paste layer

5.  Paste Special (available in the Edit menu) will paste the audio and the associated Transcription.

6.  Crop will delete the rest of the audio, leaving only the selection in the waveform.

7.  Add Silence will insert a one second silent section into the waveform, while Replace With Silence will replace the selected section with silence. In both cases the length and noise level of the silence can be adjusted in the Properties panel on the right of Altered Studio.

8.  When two words are selected, Split Sentence will put a small visual gap between the words in the transcription display above the waveform. Similarly a space can be removed by using Join Sentence. Note these changes do not have any effect on the audio and are intended to assist navigation on the waveform.