Connecting to a Compute Server

1. The Compute Server is where Altered Studio processes synthesis. You can manage the server setup on the Account page

2. If you have a subscription to Altered Studio then you are required to use a local Compute server. This requires a PC with an Nvidia GPU and allows for the fastest processing. The minimum GPU requirements for local processing are a Windows PC with 8GB+ Nvidia GPU (GTX 1080, RTX 2070, RTX 3050 or greater).

3. To install the Local Server, select Download to download the server. The download file size is approximately 1GB. To install all the voice models will be an additional 3GB.

4. Once the download is complete, the server will be automatically installed. Select Start to activate the server for synthesis. If Windows Defender or your firewall displays any warnings please Allow access to continue.

5. Once connected to the Local Server, the Connection details field will show http://localhost:5001 and the Status will display Connected

6. Alternatively, if your enterprise is providing a hosted Compute Server, this server address should be entered as a Remote server

7. The Remote servers panel allows you to save the details of one or more remote servers by clicking the ➕ button. Once saved these can be quickly added to the Connection details field by double clicking on the relevant server.

8. If you are logged into your profile and the library is successfully connected you will see a green light 🟢 next to both the Account (👤) and Library (📚) icons in the bottom left corner of Altered Studio.