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Altered Studio for Video Games

From prototyping to full production, our tools and technology can be used to unleash creativity, save time and reduce costs.

Your story deserves to be heard

Craft your story, world and experiences without compromise. Players increasingly expect rich voice content. Use Altered Studio to create a multitude of diverse, high quality voice performances, for any platform or production stage.

How it works

Altere Studio being used to rapidly prototype video games audio with ai synthetic voices

Rapid creation

Bring your story to life in no time. Quickly create content unmatched by any text-to-speech system, without having to learn cumbersome markup languages.

An actor recording a voice performance for a video game

Cast for games

Our voice portfolio was cast with video games in mind, is carefully curated and produced to AAA standards in collaboration with our award-winning partners.

Various video games characters

Scale up

A true force multiplier. A single person can record a whole multi-character voice-over production.

See how powerful it is

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All the AI features of Altered Studio

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