Video Showcase

Example of our synthesis, process and use in The Ascent

Various scenes from The Ascent - Input performances and augmented

Altered Promo video

Male Monologue

Female Monologue

Bossa Presents prototype video - voiced by Altered

Merry Christmas - Voiced by Altered

Extending an Actor's range with Altered Studio - Antz Demo

Lincoln - Voiced with Altered

User Showcase

New AUDIO DEEPFAKES Give You any Celebrity Voice

The Perilous Wager

SBS News Podcast

The Huntress - 4K - Teaser


Cancelled Movie Report Podcast

Altered's Eddie joins the Corridor Crew

Earth - A Short Documentary by Nick G

The High Ground Countered… (May 4th Special)

Why you should learn Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine Cinematic with Metahumans

Best AI Voice Changer for Indie Artists and Developers (Altered Studio)

"The Experiment" A Virtual Production