Video Showcase

Example of our synthesis, process and use in The Ascent

Various scenes from The Ascent - Input performances and augmented

Altered Promo video

Male Monologue

Female Monologue

Bossa Presents prototype video - voiced by Altered

Merry Christmas - Voiced by Altered

Extending an Actor's range with Altered Studio - Antz Demo

Lincoln - Voiced with Altered

YouTube Features

New AUDIO DEEPFAKES Give You any Celebrity Voice

Best AI Voice Changer for Indie Artists and Developers (Altered Studio)

Unreal Engine Cinematic with Metahumans

How to Deepfake your voice with Altered Studio

Why you should learn Unreal Engine 5

The High Ground Countered… (May 4th Special)

Earth - A Short Documentary by Nick G

"The Experiment" A Virtual Production

Altered's Eddie joins the Corridor Crew

Movie podcast that uses Altered for the characters

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