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Create custom voices

Create the specific voice you need for your project. It might be the voice of a famous actor, a captivating voice-talent, a friend or a grandparent. It might be your voice at a younger age, even as a child.
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How it works

Send recordings

Send us your preferred recordings. We suggest a minimum of 30 min of clean recordings for professional-quality results. You will also need to provide proof that you hold the appropriate rights for the voice.

A young woman recording voice with a professional microphone. Foto by George Milton

Get voice key

Get the private key that unlocks your voice to be used in our tools, in full privacy and security.

A digital key with an animated audio wave


Create your voice content without constraints. Your new content could be driven by the same voice-talent, another voice-talent or even a voice-alike, without the need for a recording studio.

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Voice cloning applications