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From prototyping to full production, Altered Studio can be used
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Voice AI Studio

Work anywhere

Record from anywhere or import your performance from your browser or your desktop.

No need for a professional recording environment. Our technology deals with that.


Choose from a wide range of voices to find the perfect talent for your project.

Our ever-expanding Voice Portfolio is carefully created with 20 Professional Voices from the best professional actors in the field, and 800+ voices of common people for realistic secondary characters.


Our Speech-to-Speech technology allows you to get all the emotional power of a performance using the best voice controller: your voice.


Our variety of Voice Models allows you to choose the type of performance you want.

From consistent narration to emotional performances, make your characters talk, whisper, shout, with fine-grained accent control.

Scale up

For large projects, you can use Batch Mode to morph, for prototyping, production and QA in large volumes of audio files.

Get more work done with
Voice AI

Our Voice AI tools can help you with your dubbing workflow. Transcribe, Voice Over, Text-To-Speech and Translate in no time.

Transcribe It

From personal audio notes to long meetings conversations, quick and accurate transcription is just one click away.

Various screenshots of how the Speech-To-Text feature works in Altered Studio

Add Voice-Over

Use life-like Text-To-Speech to add Voice-Over to your content in 70+ languages

Various screenshots of how the Text-To-Speech feature works in Altered Studio to generate AI Voices

Translate It

Translate your transcriptions in 75+ languages. It's quick and accurate. Dub your content to expand the reach of your message.

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Audio Editor features included...

Various screenshots of how the Integrated Mixer works in Altered Studio

Integrated Mixer

Loudness is automatically managed for you. No need to worry about loudness consistency and gluing sounds seamlessly.

Some screenshots showing how the editable history works on Altered Studio

Editable History

Try, fail and repeat until perfection. Keep track of every change you made, modify it and see how it plays out.

Screenshot of Altered Studio exporting functionality

Import/Export in various formats

Import and export your files in many different formats, lossless and raw.

Text Reinforcement

Handle minor misarticulations without re-recording or compromising the performance.

A screenshot from the software showing the spectrogram functionality

Spectral audio analysis

Spectrogram and spectrum visualisation are one click away, for detailed frequency analysis.

Various effects panels taken from Altered Studio and Voice Editor

Effects to perfect your audio

Voice Editor is bundled with an ever expanding effect list to modify your audio.