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20 February 2023

New Transcription Editor design. It allows a unified navigation experience, simplifying the insertion process for recordings, audio files, text. It also makes operations such as morphing, TTS, STT and translation easier to use. See blog post for further details.

Resizable word boundaries in waveform. Word boundaries can now be edited directly on the waveform by dragging the boundaries lines of each word to simply and quickly fix any alignment issues between transcription and audio.

Splitable word in waveform. We made it easier to split word boundaries, which can be now done on the waveform panel with a simple CTRL+CLICK.


Fixed context menu going out of bounds and not allowing users to scroll.


Improve transcript panel performance. Text panel is more robust when handling big and long files with a lot of text.  

Improve file loading performance. Loading files is now faster. 

Improve crash page. We’ve improved the crash styling and the information it shows to get you back on track as fast as possible.

Improve Menu Bar dropdown menus. We’ve restyled the Menu Bar, added sub-menus to group Effects, and added a View Menu to quickly switch between views.

Add default transcription language settings. To speed up the transcription operation, we’ve added a default transcription language settings, avoiding users from selecting the language at every transcription.

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