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Altered Studio
3 February 2023

Fixed Transcribe effect bug which resulted in bigger files size.

Fixed running Translate and TTS effects in sequence causes issues in the transcription.

Fixed save-as on Google-Drive causes the file name to change.

Fixed context menu going out of bounds and not allowing to scroll.

Fixed missing tooltips from some Morph effect controls.

Fixed Professional British voices language tagged as EN-US.

Fixed History Panel time ranges issues.


Improved Morph effect computation performance.

Improved Resample effect computation performance.

Improved app-crash page.

Improved file loading speed and page style.

Improved TTS effect loading UI style.


In Batch Text Mode, added drag-and-drop of SCV files.

In Batch Audio Mode, improved Pipelines.

Processed Pipelines are not read-only and can be modified only after being duplicated.

In Batch, add drag-and-drop of single audio files into the Explorer Panel.

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