Account Login or Creation

1.  When Altered Studio is launched the home screen will be displayed. This screen will show recently opened files as well as shortcuts to open or create files.

2.  In order to perform synthesis or transcriptions you will need to be logged in. Select the blue Account button on the top right corner to navigate to the Account page for login.

3.  On the Account page, select Login in Browser to open the login page for (i) first time account registration, or (ii) login thereafter. This page will open in your default browser, if it does not open please check your browser settings for any pop-up or redirection blockers.

4.  If you have previously registered your Coupon and created your account you can enter your credentials and click Log In to return to Altered Studio.

5.  To register a new account click create new account on the login page and enter all the fields, including a secure password.

6.  The Coupon was provided to you in the welcome email, please contact Altered if you do not have this.

7.  After registration you will receive a confirmation email, please follow any instructions in this email to finalise the setup process and return to Altered Studio.

8.  Upon successful connection, Altered Studio will display your login information and available quota on the Account page.